Introducing Clinic Q Mobile

Bringing the modern consumer experience to healthcare

For Patients

Fast and easy check-ins and payments

Patients using Clinic Q Mobile:

  • Avoid long waits at the doctor’s office by pre-registering for appointments
  • Leverage Apple Health Records to share medical records with new providers in just a few taps
  • Better understand estimated financial responsibility with real-time benefits review
  • Quickly understand medical bills and pay for visits with one-tap payment feature

For Providers

Frictionless patient registration and payment collections

Providers offering Clinic Q Mobile:

  • Elevate quality of care with timely and accurate patient-generated data
  • Increase clinic throughput by reducing in-office wait times
  • Remove the headache from patient collections by clearly informing patients of their financial responsibility and offering one-tap payments

*Also available via web and mobile-responsive browsers