NASHVILLE, TN, November 29, 2018 — Patients are consistently confused by their medical bills and frustrated at how difficult they are to pay. This causes pain not just for patients, but for practices that are seeing an increasing percentage of payments coming directly from patients. In light of this, Health Here has released Q Pay, a product that aims to address this mutual pain by creating a more transparent and convenient way for patients to make payments. Q Pay allows patients checking-in for doctor’s office visits to review their benefits, complete payments for copays and outstanding balances on the Health Here kiosk, and, soon, will allow payments at check-out and on mobile.

Health Here is particularly excited that Q Pay went live while launching the Pulmonary Associates of Mobile (PAM), a 22 physician clinic based in Mobile, AL. PAM not only is Health Here’s first client using Q pay, but they also represent Health Here’s first practice in the pulmonary specialty. “As visit volumes at our clinics are on the rise and health plans are pushing our patients to pay more out-of-pocket, the choice in selecting Health Here was a simple one,” said Joe Zurfluh, the CEO of PAM. “They were able to accommodate our pulmonary-specific workflows while still providing the ease-of-use demanded by our patients. We can now process patients faster, deliver better data to our physicians, and more easily collect payments from our patients.”

About Health Here

Health Here is a consumer-centric solution for modernizing patient intake, payments, and benefits review at ambulatory clinics. Available on in-clinic iPad kiosks and mobile, Health Here’s Clinic Q solution guides patients through personalized workflows customizable by specialty and practice. Clinics using Clinic Q quickly capture accurate patient-generated data, eliminate manual work for staff, and enhance patient collections. Visit for additional information. For media inquiries contact Richard Andrews,