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Mark Froimson, MD, MBA 
Riverside Health Advisors

William Kurtz, MD
President, TOA
Nashville, Tennessee

Marcus Osborne
SVP of Walmart Health

Leo Spector, MD, MBA
Charlotte, North Carolina

Sergio Viroslav, MD
San Antonio, Texas

Friday, November 4th
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Join Health Here
at the AAHKS Annual Meeting

Surgeons deliver the highest value component of an orthopedic episode of care, but current reimbursement models sell orthopedic surgeons short. Massive inefficiencies within the world of fee-for-service (FFS) are costing surgeons significant money, while value-based care initiatives consistently undervalue the surgeon’s role. What does it take to recenter orthopedic payments on the surgeon?

This panel will provide a real-world perspective on the evolution of payment models and ways orthopedic surgeons and their practices can change the current paradigm:

  • What self-insured employers want and need from MSK providers

  • Real-world experience in preparing and scaling prospective payment models

  • Tech-enabled MSK care delivery.  How is your market changing? 

  • Beyond the date of service.  As MSK groups gain the infrastructure to manage risk, what is next? 

Register to attend Industry Symposia during Step 2 of the Annual Meeting registration process. If you have already registered and would like to add any of these course to your registration, log into the AAHKS member website, and click “view/edit” on the 2022 Annual Meeting under “My Registrations.” In Step 2, “Sessions,” check the box next to any courses you wish to add.”

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