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Own the Episode

Health Here enhances care by enabling a frictionless patient experience, episodic payments and direct speciality care.

Trusted by Leading High-Value Specialists

Move beyond fee for service

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Take control over how you get paid and eliminate unnecessary friction between you and your patient. 

"I'm a big fan of Clinic Q and the entire Health Here team. Their products work, deliver high value, and continually improve. The team is responsive and agile. They get as excited as I do about making life easier for our patients and staff. "

Ann Margaret McCraw, CEO
Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery

Reduce expenses

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Streamline how your practice runs today

and leverage technology to scale value-based care.




staff efficiency



Engagement Rate


Annual pre-service patient collections per MD

One episodic platform 

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Put your practice in control, increase patient satisfaction,

and drive clinic efficiencies from pre-check to measured outcome.

One value-based platform for intake, payments, estimation, and outcome measures.

Our Platform


Deliver transparency and patient-centered payment models. 

Omni-channel, fully integrated patient payments across the patient journey

Fully-integrated and optimized for

condition and specialty 

Episodic Payments

Price, publish, and scale episodic payment models. 

Integrated patient-reported outcomes. More than measures.

A Revolutionary Approach to Specialty Care

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