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Enhance Patient Collections

Email and SMS prompt prepays for services and drive down patient A/R

Please Your Patients and Reduce Patient AR Days By Offering Pre-Service Cost Clarity & Payments

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Cost transparency eliminates billing surprises and strengthens the patient-provider relationship

Reduce Operational Burden

Automate the creation of estimates, including Good Faith Estimates (GFE)

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Cost transparency is the future of healthcare.
Are you ready to lead the way?

Create price transparency across your practice by generating accurate cost estimates prior to visits and surgical events

Text and email detailed cost estimates with online payment options for gathering prepayments

Give your patients financial peace of mind prior to major elective surgeries and other medical events

Offer Good Faith Estimates (GFEs) that comply with all requirements of the No Surprises Act

Focus on your pre-surgical collections strategy, while Q Code automates the estimate generation process

Set-up a process to gather payments at check-out based on Q Code estimates of services rendered in-clinic

Expand your prepayment strategy to include any high-cost event or visit

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