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Qūb allows specialists and self-funded employers to scale high-value care by automating episodic payment models

Own the Episode 

Episodic models allow specialists to price, build, and scale their own Centers of Excellence for non-surgical and surgical care episodes. Reducing total cost of care and increasing episode margins.

Automate Episodic Models

Deliver high-value care to self-funded employers. The Qūb payment engine is purpose-built for managing rules-based episodic patient engagement and payments.

Capture Value

Qūb enables high-value specialists to scale non-surgical and surgical episodes by integrating patient engagement, outcomes capture, and virtual visits.

What providers are saying

What employers are saying

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Become the Epicenter of Excellence

Episodic payments build trust with patients, employers, and payors alike. Enabling virtual high-value networks.

Qūb provides the flexibility to price, build, and automate episodic payment models across providers, facilities, and ancillary services.

Analytics provides detailed analysis to plan, execute, and monitor episodic performance.

No longer be bound to the constraints of fee-for-service schedules. You can design and market your payment models by leading as an Anchor Provider.

Qūb provides the flexibility to automate date of service and longitudinal episodes of care across multiple providers and facilities. 

Market and support self-pay, direct-to-the-employer, and commercial episodic payment models

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