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ClinicQ Launches into App Store to Simplify Patient Check-ins and Payments

ClinicQ Supports Health Records on iPhone, Enabling Patients to Easily Share Medical History with Their Healthcare Providers

NASHVILLE, TN, January 8, 2019 — Health Here today announced the release of ClinicQ into the App Store. ClinicQ, a simple way to check-in and pay for visits to the doctor, connects patients to their healthcare providers with a modern, user-friendly interface that meets the rising demands of the consumer-patient.

With ClinicQ, patients spend less time in the doctor’s waiting room filling out tedious questionnaires, while doctors receive new patient information well in advance of appointments, enabling them to focus on care over paperwork. ClinicQ further streamlines the patient data sharing process with Health Records on iPhone. Patients can leverage Health Records to import their existing health data directly into ClinicQ and then securely share that data with their providers.

Not only does ClinicQ allow patients to easily complete the new patient registration process before they arrive at the doctor’s office, but it also provides patients more transparency into their medical bills and facilitates easy payments. Patients can use ClinicQ to conduct a real-time review of their health plan benefits, including dollars spent against their deductible and their expected co-pay for the next visit. After an appointment, ClinicQ presents patients their medical bills in an easily understandable format and allows for one-tap payments against those bills.

“Patients are increasingly demanding more access, convenience, and transparency in healthcare and rightfully so,” said Health Here Founder and CEO Ryan Wells. “Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a revolution in consumer technology that has yet to fully take hold in healthcare. With the release of ClinicQ, I believe we are providing the patient a smart, fast, and easy-to-use solution that takes them one step closer to the consumer experience they have grown accustomed to in other industries.”

ClinicQ is only available to patients of participating providers and is HIPAA compliant.

What is Health Here?

Health Here is a consumer-centric solution for modernizing patient intake, payments, and benefits review at ambulatory clinics. Available on in-clinic iPad kiosks and mobile, Health Here’s ClinicQ solution guides patients through personalized workflows customizable by specialty and practice. Visit for additional information. For media inquiries contact Richard Andrews,


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