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It's time to maximize the value of specialty care

Health Here enables direct contracting with specialists for better outcomes, easier access, increased employee satisfaction, and lower costs.

We deliver the only platform custom built to enable employers and providers to scale value based care together 

Work with the best quality physicians in your local market
Obtain VIP access to top tier providers
Guaranteed savings for 90 day episode of care
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Doctor and Patient
Guide your employees to the care they need

Unlock the value of direct contracting with providers
Easy integration with existing partners

Who we serve


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Speed your revenue by your working smarter and faster


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Drive scalability and consistency for revenue recovery

Benefits Advisors

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Build and maintain a strong A/R cycle for your clients

Control your #1 spend category


We're focused on specialty care to enable employers and providers to embrace direct contracting that drives savings and better outcomes. 

Trusted by Orthoforum's Value Network of over 5000 industry leading orthopedists

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Simplify how you deliver care

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