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Enable self-funded employers to realize the power of value based care to reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction

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The new architects of value-based care

Forward-thinking benefits consultants are reinventing their capabilities. They are positioning themselves as the new architects of value-based care.

For their employer clients, these consultants are now nimbly designing and curating scalable, transparent payment models for high-volume episodes of care.

The opportunity they’re targeting first: musculoskeletal care.

A complete solution for high-value episodic care

Made for innovative benefits leaders, our complete episodic-care solution scales gold-standard musculoskeletal care and predictable prices for employers. 

With our ready-to-use platform, you can bring to market episodic payment models across providers, facilities, and ancillary services while connecting your employer clients to high-value orthopedic networks. And unlike other solutions, ours covers episodes for weeks, not hours.

Our platform is designed for benefits consultants to bring to market new musculoskeletal experiences and payment models faster and easier than ever. And you can do it in three simple steps.



Connect your market data into our platform to uncover new savings opportunities in your markets. 



Build your own episodic model library or build off our library of in-market episodic templates.



Onboard a new employer, TPA, or benefits consultant. Publish episodic models.

Bring new answers to employers -- today

With our platform, you can take on the challenge of optimizing musculoskeletal care for employers in a new way: holistically, from quality of care and patient experience to cost predictability and employee satisfaction.

Build your own high-value networks

Leverage the power of high-value specialists

Real-time quality and financial quantify success

Episodic models reduce the total cost of care

Tech-enabled employee engagement

What is our pricing model? 

We offer flexible pricing models, so that we can support employers and benefit consultants in different markets, of different sizes, and with different needs. For a customized pricing menu, contact us. 

What are high-value networks? 

A high-value specialist network is a select group of high-performing specialists within a defined market. Because of their outcome-first focus, leading high-value networks deliver evidence based care with full cost transparency. As a result, these providers often are associated with improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction at lower, predictable costs. 

For example, Health Here and the OrthoForum Value Network are working together to scale value-based care models. Coupled together, our network, which consists of 5,000 physicians and 4,500 therapists, has enhanced patient care, generated material cost savings, increased patient satisfaction, and unlocked access to top-tier care. 

How can we get started? 

We believe that simple and clear specialty care can be scaled exponentially faster than it is today. And we’ve designed our platform with that belief in mind.  To explore how quickly you can add our solution to your capabilities, schedule a demo of the platform, or contact us.  

What are value-based episodic payments? 

Value-based episodic payment models enable specialists to evolve from fee-for-service payments, which perpetuate expensive, fragmented care and dissatisfaction, to a model that prioritizes best-practice care, simpler patient and provider experiences, and predictable pricing. In an episodic payment model, an anchor provider takes on the risk of delivering and coordinating care for a defined episode of care, such as a outpatient surgery or condition-based conservative care, and receives one, fixed payment for all services provided for each episode.

Who is Health Here?

Health Here is a digital health platform that partners with specialists, benefits leaders, and healthcare purchasers to enable and scale value-based payment models. Inspired by our mission -- to make specialty care clear and simple, our work has earned the trust of leading musculoskeletal providers, employers, and, most importantly, patients. 

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